If you got a speeding ticket in July, we're looking at you!

Fox News reports that Minnesota police held a two-week crackdown in July. The result? A whopping 16,580 tickets.

That's right. Nearly 17,000 Minnesotans were ticketed last month. Some had some very interesting reasons for going over the speed limit.

Here are some of the best:

  • One driver was busted going nearly 100 mph so they could get to Taco Bell before they closed. (Did they get their food? I want to know.)

  • One Minnesotan was going 10 over the speed limit - 45 in a 35 - and cited a cake pan as their reason for breaking the law. Apparently the driver was just "excited to get home and start cooking.”

  • One speeder was pulled over not once - but TWICE - just thirty minutes apart. The driver was caught by two different troopers going the exact same speed of 79 mph both times. Why? The air in the car was broken and they wanted to cool off. Literally.

In all seriousness, speeding is dangerous. While we can get a good laugh out of these excuses, it's important to follow the rules of the road.

I have only ever been pulled over once. I was very sick and just trying to get home. I got off with a warning and learned a big lesson!

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