Whether its theme songs from their TV shows or catchy Disney songs, this list is something a lot of parents can relate to.  It's not always that the songs are that bad, but it's that they get stuck in our heads.  As grown adults, we walk around with these songs in our head.

  • 1

    Sofia The First

    I feel like Sofia is a member of our family.  Like if she walked into the kitchen and asked for a juice box I wouldn't even flinch.  I hear her voice constantly, and I've heard this song 9 million times.

  • 2

    PJ Masks

    Who knew that all you needed to fight crime was pajamas and a mask?

  • 3

    Little Einsteins Theme

    OK, so this one isn't THAT bad.  It's at least got some decent orchestra going on.

    They've actually made some pretty good remixes on this one too.

  • 4

    Hot Dog Song

    Every parent I know can sing this song word for word.  Usually while shedding a tear.

  • 5

    Elena of Avalor

    This may be the newest on the list, but I already have it drilled into my subconscious.

  • 6

    Anything From 'Frozen'

    Currently in our house the song on constant repeat is 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman'

  • 7

    Doc McStuffin's Theme

    Great message to young girls, terrible theme song that drives me insane.

  • 8

    Miles From Tomorrowland

    There is so many thing that disturb me about this show.  Like what's up with the space ostrich?  I find myself singing Miles From Tomorrowland theme sometimes out of the blue.  For that reason, this song makes the cut.

  • 9

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