I couldn't get the car out of our garage this morning, well, I could get it out, but there was no road to drive it on beyond our driveway.  We usually get rain trenches, but this time, the trench IS the road.  People across the Northland are dealing with flooding in their basements, some are being evacuated from their homes.  Travel is NOT advised!

Due to heavy rainfall and flash floods, many roadways in and around the Duluth area areexperiencing extremely dangerous conditions such as roadways underwater, sinkholes, mudslides, man hole covers open etc. Portions of I-35 in Duluth are impassable. Many homes are reporting flooded basements.

The Duluth Police Department is asking citizens to remain at home and any travel needs to be for emergency ONLY. Also, any calls to 911 should be for emergency purposes ONLY.


In Duluth -

I 35 NB closed from Central Ave to 27th W and 5th W to London Rd

SB I 35 closed from 26th E to 5th W and 27th W - Central Ave

Use alt routes for I-35 in Duluth

TH 53 - Mall area - water over road in two locations - road is open for now

Proctor - TH 2 closed in downtown Proctor - short detour inplace

Other closures:

TH 23 closed south of Duluth - exact location unknown due to mud slides. Cell phone coverage

not working well. More details to follow.

TH 210 closed in Jay Cooke Park due to slides and washouts.

TH 61 closed at Knife River - expressway

Stay safe!!!  Keep it locked in to B105, we'll keep you up to date on the weather and road closures and conditions.