Flood Advisory Issued For St. Louis River in Carlton County
We got a lot of rain and wet snow in this week's snowstorm.   Because of that, a flood advisory has been issued for the St. Louis River in the Scanlon area, as it is expected to reach 10.9 feet, which is slightly higher than the flood stage of 10.5.  Minor flooding could occur.
One Year Later
It's been one year since a large storm system dropped several inches of rain on the region; leaving homes, businesses, roadways, and entire communities damaged around the Duluth/Superior region. A year later, we take a look back at some of the incredible photos and videos that left us awestruck…
Duluth Road Construction Alert! Along Chester Creek Drive
Clean up and repair continue across the Northland since our devastating flood on June 20.  See flood pictures .  Trails, bridges and roadways were impassable and/or gone all together.  We were already  seeking alternative routes to work,  child care, to almost everywhere due to our regular season of…

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