In today's 'Some Jerk' segment, we learned about a dumb criminal in the electric city. This happened in Scranton, PA where someone tried to buy a cellphone with a fake $1 Million bill. (They don't make those, by the way.)

Here's how it went down. A woman posted her iPhone 6s for sale online. Then she agreed to meet a buyer for the exchange. He handed her a roll of bills, she gave him the phone and he walked away.

Shortly after, she noticed that there was a million dollar bill in the roll. She told her girlfriend who then tracked down the man. When she confronted him, he punched her in the face and then took off.

Police are looking for the jerk, and have a few charges ready for him.

This is a classic example of being careful when dealing with selling things online. Friendly tips are to always meet in a public, well lit place. And don't take any wooden nickels, either.

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