Going to the bathroom isn't that difficult.  Apparently, having decent public bathroom etiquette is.  We've got some jerk at our office who just can't seem to understand how to be courteous to others at work.  My guess is you have someone at your office that is the same, because every office has a jerk.

In this particular instance, there must have been a bomb threat or something announced over the intercom, and this toilet user had just seconds to exit the stall and run out of the building.

Another thing this jerk does is leave hair all over the seat.  Gross.

This same jerk also doesn't change out the toilet paper roll.  They'll just use the last little bit and not put any more on.  Which I find quite disturbing because what are the odds that you've actually had enough to clean yourself just as the roll runs out?   Not good.

Mr. Jerk also clogs the toilet, and doesn't bother to tell anyone.

Yep  we've got a jerk in the building, and hopefully we can catch them and publicly shame them.  That's next.  So let that be a warning to you, Mr. Jerk.  We're on to you and your terrible bathroom habits.

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