The Pennington County Sheriff's Department is investigating an altercation between several city council members earlier this week.  According to the Grand Forks Herald, The incident happened during an Administrative Service Committee meeting where they were discussing funding for projects.  The argument originally arose between council members, Josh Hagen, Curte Howe, and committee chair Jerald Brown.

Hagen wants a splash park, which is a less expensive option than a pool project.  Howe and Hagen disagreed during the meeting, and according to Hagen, Howe threatened to take him outside.

Things settled a bit, but later in the meeting committee chair Jerald Brown said "he was sick of Hagen's mouth."  Hagen said he didn't care,and Brown threatened to take him outside to teach him a lesson.

Brown then approached Hagen, and Hagen stood up. Brown shoved Hagen, Hagen shoved back pushing Brown down to the ground. Then Brown grabbed a chair and lifted it up in the air, Hagen hit him again and forced him down to the ground, where the shuffle continued briefly before everyone eventually let go.

The investigation is ongoing.

I guess you could say this project has caused quite the splash in small town politics.



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