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What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Lyft Driver?
My daughter has used Lyft in the cities when she was going to a concert.  I was sorta freaked out and asked her if she was felt safe.  She did, but added it was because she was with several other people.  Recently the Duluth City Council voted to allow Lyft and Uber to begin operation…
City Council Could Change The Way Duluthians Vote
You will still have to prove residency in your district, show your driver's license and sign the paper before you get a ballot, but what's ON your ballot may change.  The Duluth City Council is considering "ranked-choice" voting.  How do you feel about that?
Duluth Mayor Don Ness Will Not Accept Pay Raise
Earlier this week, the Duluth City Council voted for a 25% raise in pay for Duluth Mayor Don Ness.  That would increase his salary from $78,000 to $97,500, and it would mark the first raise for that position in years.  However, that raise in pay will not be happening.
Minneapolis Rallies Support For New Vikings Stadium
Another update on the soap opera I like to call 'As The Stadium Turns..'
In an effort to show support for a new stadium to both legislators and fence-sitting City Council members, Minneapolis city, labor and business leaders joined together Monday to underscore that a new Vikings stadium wo…
Your Input Is Needed On City Of Duluth Signs
The City of Duluth’s Planning Division would like to hear from businesses, sign companies, residents, and other interested stakeholders concerning the current rules and regulations that govern signs in the city of Duluth.
Minneapolis City Council Passes Taxi Cab Credit Requirement
This just passed in Minneapolis and I think it should hit the Northland too.  I took a cab in Minneapolis this summer and was happily surprised they took check cards or credit cards, not just cash.  As this story supports, my tip to the cab drive was a little more than if I had to pay cash…
Minneapolis City Council Skeptical About Stadium Plan
This shouldn't come as a surprise.  A skeptical city council?!  Wow!  I kind of get some of the opposing points, but I don't agree at all that the only one that would benefit from a stadium are the team owners.
Mayor R.T. Rybak encountered a deeply skeptical City Counci…