Some jerk was driving drunk last night and may have intentionally ran his car into a Sheriff's squad last night. It happened last night around 11:45 at the highway 8 and highway 33 intersection.

According to a news report from WDIO, the Sergeant noticed the vehicle approaching him on his side of the road. The vehicle ran a stop light, and that's when the Sergeant stopped his vehicle, went into reverse to avoid the collision and even turned on his emergency lights. Even with the officer trying to evade the collision, the approaching vehicle driven by a 25 year old Saginaw man collided with him head on.

Luckily neither of them were seriously injured and the damage to both cars was light. The preliminary charges point to the fact that it could have been intentional, and that he was drunk. He's awaiting DWI charges now in the St. Louis County Jail.



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