Duluth's infamous 'Can of Worms' intersection is going to be redone with some work beginning as early as next year.

The Twin Ports Interchange (which is it's official name) currently features 35 bridges along elevated platforms along with left exits and headaches for motorists. According to the story in the Duluth News Tribune, the interchange sees 80,000 motorists each day.

The new design of the interchange will see half as many bridges and no more left exits. The cost of the project is estimated somewhere between $252-$275 million dollars.  The new design would also allow heavy freight trucks direct access to I-35, instead of freight such as wing blades being transported through Lincoln park and side streets.

There of course could be potential hang ups with the project. The two major concerns would be if they found more soil contamination in the area than they are already know about, and if they were to encounter any burial remains.

Hopefully if all goes well, by 2023 we will have a better Twin Ports Interchange and a safer commute.


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