Finally, some good news on the war against drugs locally.  I spend quite a bit of time outside on the Lakewalk, in our parks, Park Point beach and other areas and have never really thought that I need to watch for used syringes.  I would be horrified if my family or dog were to get stuck with one.  A project in action for the past seven months is proving to be successful and that makes me feel better.  This is a phone number we should all know.

After just seven months, a new project started by the Duluth Police Department aimed at cleaning up dirty needles from parks and other public places is showing positive
results. Last June, they joined forces with other local organizations to offer a local Sharps Hotline.

Since then the hotline has received 83 calls for service which they calculate has saved 40 hours of police time.  That allows our local officers to focus on other services in the community.  The project was started because more and more sharps were being found in public areas.  It took multiple departments within the City of Duluth working with non-governmental organizations to come up with the idea that would address the growing concern.  They had to train in how to properly handle and dispose of sharps and of course, coordinate the response to the calls that were expected to come into the hotline.  I appreciate that their efforts and foresight to come up with a proactive solution to a problem I didn't know was growing rapidly.  I don't think many of the public is aware of this service so I thought I'd share that it exists and encourage you to let others know so we can keep families and pets enjoying the nature of the Northland safe.

The Sharps Hotline is 218-730-4001 and available 24/7 to report needles found in our community.


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