The list of scams going around the Northland keeps growing.

This time, hackers are acting as officers and trying to get money over the phone.

According to a post on their Facebook page Thursday afternoon, the Duluth Police Department has been getting many calls about this scam. The scammers in question act as members of the DPD.

Here's how it works: the scammer tells the person on the other line that there will be an outstanding warrant for their arrest if they don't show up for jury duty. The scammer then asks the victim to go to the police department in person in hopes that they won't be able to. Then they ask them to pay a fee over the phone.

What makes this scam so convincing is that the scammer uses the actual address for the Duluth Police Department AND they use a number similar to the actual number of the Department.

The DPD wants to make it clear that they would never call and ask anyone for money. You are advised to hang up and call 9-1-1 if you get a phone call like this.

This scam comes about a week after a Duluth woman lost nearly $1,000 by falling victim to a phone scam.

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