Boy, some people will stoop to whatever low they can to scam some good people out of money. According to a Facebook post from the First United Methodist Church, scammers have been sending e-mails impersonating the pastor at the church, asking people to donate money to a cancer patient.

In some cases, the e-mail would be asking for help discreetly with another situation

The church, also known locally as "The Coppertop", has been led by Pastor Jeanine Alexander for the last several years.  I personally know Jeanine and she is a wonderful person, and it hurts to see that someone would be impersonating her for something this low.

The church has said that if they ever were to be asking for donations for something like this, they would always ask that you bring money or the gifts to the church, never anything online or mailed to a different address. Here's hoping they catch who is responsible for this.

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