This week started with two projects which impacted Duluth streets and now another project will begin at the end of the week, and it's expected to last around a month.

Beginning Thursday, June 11, road work will begin that will impact the intersection of Garfield Avenue and West Superior Street.  Specifically, outside lanes of traffic will be closed so that a contractor can perform signal, gas, and pavement work.

Signal work is being done to prepare for large wind blades and towers that will be transported through the intersection later this summer as well as to prepare for the Temporary Cross City Trail Relocation work next summer.

The Temporary Cross City Trail Relocation involves a section that extends about one mile, from 22nd Avenue West to the Minnesota Power facility east of Garfield Avenue.

While this project is underway, drivers should expect to see either the signal system set to all-way red flash, or 4-way stop signs will be installed.  Motorists in the area should be prepared to travel slowly and are advised to pay close attention to the changing traffic control conditions.

Due to the expected tight turning radius during this project, trucks are encouraged to avoid the area altogether and find an alternate route.

The majority of the work is expected to completed by mid-July, according to the City of Duluth.

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While the pandemic has slowed and altered several things across the Northland, one thing that remains constant is the consistent arrival of new road construction projects.

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