It's that time of the week again where Ken & I lay it all out there and admit to something we did that wasn't our shining hour over the past few days. We each say our worst wrongdoing and call it 'Breakfast Club Confessions.'

Sometimes we are huge jerks and other times, we aren't that bad. Either way, we do it as a way to get it off our chest and make you all laugh as we head into the weekend.

Our confessions range from getting into a fight with our mailmen to forgetting to tip our waiter to being grumpy on an airplane. (To catch up on all our confessions, click here.)

This week, things were tame. I admitted to having a moment of road rage, although I don't think it was entirely my fault. Ken had two confessions he wanted to get off his chest: one related to a new television show he can't stop watching and the other related to awful driving. In the end, we called this one a draw.

To see what we've been up to, watch the video above.

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