My husband and I wondered if they were going to complete the road construction near the Lake Superior Zoo last summer.  They didn't, but at least they took a hiatus so all lanes were available through the winter.  Now that it's Spring, they are going to start working on the roadway again and that means some lane closures and delays you should be aware of.

Starting next Monday, April 11 they'll be working to finish the Kingsbury Creek bridge, between 72nd Avenue West and 76th Avenue West near the Lake Superior Zoo.

Because of that, you will start to experience delays as traffic is going to be restricted to a single lane in both directions.  Eventually, within about two weeks, they will also begin working on the northbound lanes of Highway 23 starting at 75th Avenue West to I-35.

Hang in there, the road will be nice once they're done which is expected to be sometime in June.