The City of Duluth issued a reminder today that a large stretch of the Duluth Lakewalk, spanning from the Lighthouse parking lot to Leif Erikson Park, is closed until further notice. Last Wednesday's powerful waves caused substantial new damage to several parts of the popular path, and city officials urge the public to stay away not only for their own safety, but also to allow crews to conduct cleanup in a safe and efficient manner.

Crews started cleanup efforts at 7:00 am on Monday (October 15) that will include heavy equipment on and near the trail. Public presence while this equipment is in use is a public safety concern, which is the reason it is being stressed to stay away. The plan is to restore a temporary path as soon as possible, however this could take up to 7 days.

Other areas closed to the public until further notice include:

  • Park Point: 12th Street beach access boardwalk has shifted and therefore has been blocked off.
  • Pedestrian path behind the Ledges residential units east of 21st Ave East
  • Brighton Beach is closed due to road and shoreline erosion.
  • The sidewalk between the DECC and Great Lakes Aquarium has been disturbed and dislodged.

Officials with the Greater Downtown Council expressed gratitude for the public interest in volunteer cleanup efforts. There are currently no scheduled public cleanup events scheduled, as city crews are working to clear major hazards and debris at this time. As was the case after the October 2017 storm, the City of Duluth will publicize any public cleanup volunteering opportunities, and we will share then with you here on our website and on the air. In the meantime, the recommendation is simply to stay away as city crews and heavy equipment take care the most significant debris and safety concerns, with hopes of restoring a temporary path as soon as possible.

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