As if this winter hasn't been rough enough, now you have something else to worry about: your roof.

We are expected to see rain this week as temperatures warm up to the above freezing mark for the first time in a long, long time. While this is good news for us who want a break from the snow, it could be bad news for your home.

We have seen so much snow the past few months and a lot of it is accumulating on top of rooftops. Although people have attempted to take it off, it can be difficult. It may also seem like it's not a huge priority.

That should change this week. Here's why: according to a roof expert, the rain is going to soak up the snow until it's very saturated. This will create major issues because this mix will be almost as heavy as water. This can cause your roof to bow or collapse.

KARE 11 reports that a flatter roof or one built before 1971 has an even higher chance of collapsing.

Make sure you remove the snow off your roof sooner rather than later. Call someone to remove the snow off your roof if you can't remove it yourself.

All I can say is let it rain! Clean off your roof first, please.

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