Seriously? UGH.

A car wash in the Northland has been broken into and quite a bit of damage has been done.

Proctor's Highway 2 Car Wash was broken into this past Monday (March 25th).

According to a post making its way around Facebook, the criminal caused major damage for a little bit of money.

The burglar apparently used torches to cut the car wash's money box open. In doing so, they caused about $3,000 dollars in damage. The vandal also took the $30 dollars that was in the money box. Take a look at the damage below:

The car wash owner is offering a $500 dollar reward for any information regarding the crime, including any leads on who may have committed it.

Proctor's Highway 2 Car Wash is located at 1 2nd Avenue.

The post has been shared nearly 1,000 times as of Wednesday morning and counting! Hopefully whoever did this will be caught. Let's help spread the word.

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