Here we are in an election year. So that means everyone needs to learn what each person stands for, what is the meaning of important amendments. So, what do you do?

Personally, I research to see if that candidate stands for what I do. Do they like the arts, do they want someone who is strict in the FCC. (You know, the people that police radio.)

Too many times I fall asleep during the debate because the candidates say what the other one does wrong, or what they won't do to help the country, or what they are going to do to hurt you.

I would rather watch a half hour of each of them saying what they are going to do to help me or the country and how they plan to do it. Too many times I think they tell us what we want to hear and don't really have a plan yet. Maybe an idea, but not a plan.

Let me ask you this, if you were trying to get a job, would you tell the interviewer what all the other people in their waiting room would do wrong? Or, would you tell them how you can help that company and what your plan is?

Maybe we could devise a sitcom with the two candidates making fun of each other while filling in the blanks about their policies. Now, that I would watch!!

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