It's the new debate that's sweeping the internet and to be honest, it's driving everyone a little mad!

A short audio clip started circulating the web earlier this week after a user posted it on Reddit. The user asked one simple question: do you hear "laurel" or "yanny?"

The four-second clip continued to spread like wildfire when a popular social media blogger posted the same question to Twitter.

As things do these days, it has now gone viral for one simple reason: no one can seem to agree on the answer! Is it "laurel" or is it "yanny" or are we all just losing our minds?

We talked about this for quite some time on The New Breakfast Club. We asked you to weigh in and we got a pretty split vote on all platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Some heard "laurel" while others heard "yanny."

I have only ever heard "laurel." I have no idea how anyone could hear anything else! Ken heard "yanny" for a majority of the time but did hear "laurel" once or twice when he was messing with the pitch. There has to be some scientific reason for this, right?

Let's settle this thing once and for all. What do you hear - laurel or yanny? Weigh in and let's put this to rest once and for all! (Until the next internet debate rolls around!)

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