This debate started innocently enough. My friend kept saying she didn't like rutabaga pie.  What the heck was that?  I thought maybe she meant a pastie.  She was obviously confused and after some discussion and much laughter we determined she meant rhubarb.  THEN, the debate began, Rhubarb:  Vegetable or Fruit?


Without looking it up, take a guess.  After I questioned people what they thought and got mixed answers I decided to get to the "root" (pun intended) of the answer.   So, which is it?  Are you ready?


(Drum Roll)   It's a vegetable.  Dang!  I was wrong!!!  The official name is Rheum officinale Baillon and can often be found growing just about anywhere since it isn't a very demanding plant.  The reason we (ME) thinks it's a fruit is because it's not served as a side dish with meat, but instead is mixed with other fruit and has sugar added for a dessert.  Seriously, it has a sour, fruity taste, right?  You should begin seeing it blossom this month, so get ready for rhubarb sauce, rhubarb pie and rhubarb bars!


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