Yesterday, I kept reading about a silly debate making its way around the internet. Millennials are always being blamed for this or that but are they really to blame for the decline of the top sheet? An even bigger question - is the top sheet actually declining?

Apparently, more and more people are choosing to give the top sheet the boot when it comes to their bed. Those that fall within the 'millennial' age category are said to have started the trend, claiming that it adds 'extra work' to their already lengthy to-do lists and that it gets bunched up at night.

My first thought when I read this was, really?! I have always slept with a top sheet and will continue to do so forever. I also sleep with a giant blanket on top of that followed by a comforter. I don't think my age (26, by the way) has anything to do with it. I am just always cold. Even when I sleep on the couch, I use a top sheet.

What do you think - are millennials really to blame for the declining use of the top sheet or is it all just a myth?

Watch our debate from The New Breakfast Club below.

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