According to a report from Fox 21 bulldozers are actually making some headway on the corner of 21st Avenue East and London Road in Duluth. I drive by this area almost on a daily basis and I am in disbelief on how they will be able to have a drive thru and some sense of a parking lot.The lot itself is very small but then it biutts up against a hill that is private property. But obviously they have the plans in place to make it happen, that is why I am a radio D.J. and not and engineer.

I know I am not alone in saying that it will be awesome when it is done giving Northlanders another place to eat and great new location for the fast food chain. There’s no word on when construction will begin to demolish the building because permits are still in the works with Marvin Development LLC. But the fact that they are bulldozing the actual property is a good sign that things may get going soon.



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