You have just been told you are an expectant mother.  You're going to have a BABY!!!  You're so happy, your significant other is thrilled.  The grandparents are going to be ecstatic!  Then, you're hit with a morning sickness!  UGH!You're not alone.  8 out of 10 women experience some sort of morning sickness.  I was one of the two that didn't and yes, I consider myself extremely lucky!   For men who haven't had a pregnant women in their lives....yet.  Or, for people that haven't dealt with morning sickness, it's more than just feeling nauseated and throwing up.   Your sense of smell increases to the point where things that use to smell awesome are absolutely repulsive.

While everyone is smiling and congratulating you, you are having a mood swing and want to pour Tabasco sauce in their undies.  Something, anything that will make them suffer like you are!

Besides eating soda crackers, there is another easy remedy on the market, and it tastes good!

Preggie pops!!  It's the brain child of a nurse,  Noni Martin.  She saw the effects of morning sickness on her patients and developed these lollie pops using safe ingredients that would help with the nausea.

The newest line is drops, not pops. Preggie Pop Drops Plus with added Vitamin B6.  Apparently, Vitamin B6 is a big help with upset stomachs.







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