We've heard it time and time again, what women go through during pregnancy. It's true, I'm not denying any of the pain or discomfort, it's just that guys say they hear about it constantly. Benjamin Percy knows why we hear about it, and lived it.

Percy spent nine weeks wearing a 33-pound “Empathy Belly’’ to simulate being pregnant, a writer for GQ, he did it partly for the experience to write the column, the other to finally say he could put up with being pregnant.

“I learned that I’m not man enough to be a woman,’’ writer Benjamin Percy told Steve Harvey on TODAY. Scott Stump, a TODAY writer tells us Percy went on to say “I was expecting to get a nice pat on the back and instead women were completely fixated on the suit’s inadequacies,’’ he said. “They wanted me to have heartburn roiling up my throat, they wanted me to have varicose veins rising like garden hoses up my legs, (and) they wanted me to pee every five minutes and to be constipated for a week. They wanted to jab me full of hormone-oozing needles, essentially. Once they saw me in the suit, they’re like, ‘Nice try, wuss.’’’

Look for the article in the March issue of GQ, he wore two suits and described one as having hard breasts and rudimentary stitching. The other was on loan from a Japanese company which was connected to a computer that adjusts to replicate the various trimesters of a pregnancy.

The thing that still surprised him was, once you are pregnant, man or woman, you become public property, men and women were patting his belly just like his wife said when she was pregnant. He said it was annoying for him as it was for his wife.

So men, should we have to wear something to feel for our wife when she is pregnant. I think, maybe not as long as he did, but for a week or two. I think we will be jumping up in the middle of the night getting pickles and ice cream and always saying I love you dear!!


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