Powerful waves that forced debris onto the Duluth Lakewalk and damaged the boardwalk in Canal Park also brought water inland, causing flooding and bringing debris onto Canal Park roads and parking surfaces.

Dirt and pieces of wood can be seen on many of the streets near Grandma's Restaurant in Canal Park, and the parking lot near Crabby Ol' Bills remains closed due to flooding that is nearly six inches deep along the south and east parts of the lot. Barricades are also up as of earlier this evening on Harbor Drive at the corner near the Great Lakes Aquarium, where the road was flooded for a time, and dirt and some debris remain where water stood earlier today.

The video above shows more of the extensive damage done to the Lakewalk, with portions of the boardwalk displaced, benches moved or tipped over, and mud and rocks covering the horse path and the sidewalks near the Maritime Visitor Center. City officials encourage the public not to go near these areas, especially where the boardwalk has been damaged.

As we reported earlier, there are plans for city crews to begin the cleanup process to get rid of debris/rocks from the large expanse of the Lakewalk currently covered. As for the sections of boardwalk damaged and displaced by the waves and debris, there has been no word on whether repairs are part of the immediate clean-up plans, or if it is something that will have to wait until warmer weather.

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