Downtown Duluth motorists should expect to face slower traffic and detours this week as a project gets underway that will close a portion of East Superior Street.

The City of Duluth announced this week that private utility work will make this temporary closure necessary. The closure is expected to start on Wednesday, November 30 at 9:00 am.

Downtown Duluth motorists should be aware that East Superior Street will be closed between 3rd Avenue East and 10th Avenue East. The City notes that signs will detour eastbound traffic to East 2nd Street, and westbound traffic to East 3rd Street.

Also, there will be a full closure of the street at 722 East Superior Street, but access to businesses will be maintained from both directions. The sidewalk on the north side of
Superior Street will remain open to pedestrians.

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If all goes as planned and there are no delays caused by weather or other unforeseen circumstances, this closure will remain in place until Friday, December 2. Hopefully the weather will not be an issue. After a snowy start to the week, we should get a break for Wednesday and Thursday. The next chance for snow arrives on Friday.

As is always the case when projects like this come up, Twin Ports area motorists are advised to drive carefully around road crews and detours, while allowing extra time to get to their destination. This is especially true this time of year when existing snow can create less than ideal traveling conditions across the Northland.

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