Recently I was shopping for my co-hosts kids Christmas toys and ran across THIS.  Poo Dough.  While it makes one giggle, seriously have they run out of constructive toy ideas? Wait till you see their "fun" suggestions on the back of the package.

Would you give this as a Christmas gift?  Ok, maybe if you were looking to NOT be invited back to a family Christmas, but what happened to the toys we use to play with?  Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, Yahtzee?  Now it's video games that teach shooting to kill, grand theft auto and making your own poo, complete with corn and peanuts.  No, I'm serious, look at the back of the package.

Cathy Kates
Cathy Kates

The two red blobs say, "mix and swirl tones of brown" and "add corn and peanut shapes".  Good grief!

I have to admit, the whole time I was writing this blog my husband and I were laughing about it, so it's good for an adult laugh, but this "toy" was available with all the other toys in the toy department.  This blog wasn't meant to offend, if you bought it for your child I'm sure it will be a source of conversation during the gift opening.  I was merely bringing up the fact that toys have certainly changed drastically since I bought an Easy Bake Oven and a Barbie Airplane for my daughter.  She LOVED play dough, but I know I never would have gotten her Poo Dough.


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