Please excuse my rant, but we are very lucky in the Northland to have several dog parks, nature trails and the Lakewalk to exercise our pets.  It amazes me that so many pet owners either don't take pride in our scenic beauty or care about keeping it nice for others.  This past weekend I found this, which is impressive for the dog's aim, but not impressive that it was left there by the owner for me to clean up.

Yes, I took into account that it could have been a stray, but I see this all too often.   Seriously, all the responsibility should be on the pet owner.  You've chosen to accept the responsibility when you said "yes to the pet".  But, the City of Duluth helps to keep us in check with our responsibility by providing free plastic poop mitt stands in different areas of the Lakewalk.  Please, use them.  If your dog poops, pick it up.  Just keep repeating it to yourself if that helps.  "If my dog poops, pick it up".  "If my dog poops, pick it up", "If my dog poops, pick it up".  Thank you!

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