Even if you're an avid online shopper you can take advantage of buying holiday gifts that have been handcrafted by our local artisans.  Gifts for both genders are represented and I just bet you can add to the list and help with ideas.  You might even be a crafter yourself!

  • urban4ever9 via Ebay
    urban4ever9 via Ebay

    Epicurean Cutting Board

    Epicurean cutting boards are made from eco-friendly material.  They are simple, functional, long-lasting and come in a variety of shapes including ones of states.  Makes a great gift to ship to someone you won't be able to spend time with for the holidays.

  • Joe Raedle/Getty Images
    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Growler of Beer

    There are many local breweries that carry all flavors of beer to accommodate that beer connoisseur on your list.  It's all handcrafted and this not only makes a great holiday gift, but if you are invited to a party think of it as a host or hostess gift that keeps giving.  Once they empty it, they can return to the point of purchase and fill it up again!  Some of the breweries we've used locally have been The Brewhouse in the Fitger's ComplexThe Thirsty Pagan in Superior (great pizza too) and the Lake Superior Brewing Company (ask Ken about the tour we took there!)

  • Cathy Kates
    Cathy Kates

    Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

    If you have a non-beer drinker on your holiday list that is a coffee fan.  They will appreciate the fresh roasted coffee beans and you'll get that locally.  Just like the locally brewed beer, there are several choices for coffee beans.  Like Alakef Coffee on Superior Street in Duluth. They even can craft a made-to-order coffee for you.  I get my chocolate covered coffee beans from ARCO Coffee in Superior. The Duluth Coffee Company is the newest and boasts that their coffee is roasted and served on site.

  • Cathy Kates
    Cathy Kates

    Duluth Pack

    The Duluth Pack store I shop at is in the Canal Park. However, they've been around since 1882 and I remember when I stopped in at their Superior Street location.  My daughter got her first and ONLY backpack from them.  They are so confident in their products it comes with a lifetime warranty.  I love my purse I got last summer and it is really durable.   The gift ideas at this store are endless.  Apparel, backpacks, mugs, candles, duffles, purses and more!

  • Photo: Brian Rud
    Photo: Brian Rud

    Recycled Plastic Furniture

    This past summer while sitting in our friends Brian and Sue's backyard enjoying a beverage, when we noticed their sharp looking patio furniture.  They told us they were made locally by a company called Loll Designs and they were made out of recycled plastic.  Durable, green and easy to clean.  Their furniture made is 100% recycled plastic, mostly from single-use milk jugs.  If furniture is more than you were planning on giving, they do have fire rings, planters and accessories, even for pets!

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