If you think that paying a fee for the bag you put your purchases in would never happen (after all, they want you to shop in their store, right?), think again.  In Minneapolis they are voting on whether businesses should start charging for bags.  This is why and here are my reasons I have trouble using a reusable bag.

First off, I completely understand why the plastic bags are detrimental to the Eco-system and I agree with why they are voting on the tactic.  According to Fox 9 news, They are hoping this will encourage consumers to consider using reusable bags on a regular basis.   I do carry two reusable bags in my car at all times, but either forget them or think about the article I read saying that they are bacteria laden if you have had any groceries leak juice onto the material.  I know, I know, wash them.  But, I barely remember to bring them into the store to use them, let alone remember to bring them into the house to be washed.  I guarantee they'd never get back in my car if I did that.

I actually collect and use the plastic bags that are sometimes called T-shirt bags.  I started collecting them when Kylee was a girl scout and she went over and above selling 600 boxes of cookies.  We needed something to put them in when we did our days of delivery.

We have neighbors that have ducks and chickens and we found out that they eat all kinds of leftovers, so we keep our scraps in a plastic bag and when it's full we walk it over and hang the handles of the bag on their fence post.

We use the plastic bags to line our smaller garbage cans in our home so we can just pick it up, tie the handles and throw it in the trash.  Plus, I use a plastic bag to put my lunch and thermos in to carry back and forth to work.  If one of the containers opens or my thermos leaks it's contained in the plastic bag and not ruining my computer and paperwork in my work bag.

So, I'm a fan of plastic bags and would be bummed if I had to pay a fee to use them, but I guess I would.....for a while.

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