My sister always finds the latest and greatest cool gadgets and while visiting her recently she introduced us to the Lite Flite Induction Drone. It’s definitely something that will keep you, your family and friends occupied for hours, but for the full experience you should wait to play with it at night.

How do I even describe this? It’s a toy? A skill builder? Whatever it is, it’s fun and somewhat challenging. My sister got it from Menards on an end cap, of all places. She really didn’t know what it was either, but after reading the box she decided to purchase it. It’s a little plastic ball with lights (which is why it’s best used at night). You have to use a cord to charge it from you computer, laptop or via electrical outlet. It takes about 10 minutes to charge. (and that's about how long you get to play with it before it needs to be recharged, FYI)

Once it’s charge and you turn it on, there are three plastic helicopter blades that help it fly, but YOU are the one that keeps it afloat by putting your hand or body part, if you’re that good, underneath it. If you don’t, it will go to ground level and hover there as the ground simulates your hand. We still don’t know how you stop it other than knock it our of the air, lol.

It occupied us for hours one summer night and now we are on the search to buy one for ourselves. It is definitely something you’d want to keep in the camper to play around with (away from the campfire)!  We went to Menards in Wausau, WI looking for one and they were sold out, that may be the case in most of the Menards, but I was told you can still get them online.

See how a Lite Flight works:

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