This was pretty cool to see, but it did make me a little queasy. If you're afraid of heights, make sure you grab onto something.

Tower climbers have been working recently (when the weather allows) on KBJR's broadcast antenna tower. The crew has been changing out strobe lights required by the FAA.

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YouTuber In The Air With Sam is one of the broadcast tower climbers. He shares videos of his experiences and views from climbing towers across the country. On Tuesday, Sam posted a drone video from 800' above Duluth. In the video, you can see that he's perched on a platform before the final climb to the very top.

In The Air With Sam YouTube
In The Air With Sam YouTube

What a view, right? You can't really get much higher than that without being on a plane or helicopter or hot air ballon. The tower is among other antenna towers in the area of Duluth known as the Antenna Farm. Broadcast companies placed the towers on top of the hill because the frequencies can get more range.

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As the video continues, Sam pans out and you can really see the magnitude of how high this is.

attachment-tower wide shot

What's crazy is that he's not even at the top. You can see workers climbing above him to the very tippy top where they are working.

It takes hours of climbing.

Depending on how the wind is, it can take these guys an hour and a half to climb the tower. That's just on the way up. I asked our broadcast engineer Randy Wabik some questions as he's out there with the tower crews frequently. He said these guys climb up there, and their climbing gear and belt can weigh up to 50 pounds or more, plus whatever tools they are carrying with them. That's pretty incredible.

Check out the video from In The Air With Sam. Pretty remarkable!

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