Drone Video Show Peak Fall Colors in Duluth
This video is a fantastic display of what the fall colors in Duluth can do. YouTube user IamWedge has done some great drone videos in the past, and he adds this one to the mix. The video was published on Sunday, October 8th, 2017.
Have You Experienced A Lite Flite Induction Drone? [VIDEO]
My sister always finds the latest and greatest cool gadgets and while visiting her recently she introduced us to the Lite Flite Induction Drone. It’s definitely something that will keep you, your family and friends occupied for hours, but for the full experience you should wait to pl…
Did This Drone Video Really Capture Bigfoot?
I was pretty convinced early on in this video that this really was Bigfoot.  You would think with all these drones flying around that some accidental sightings would occur.  This drone photographer has some footage to share with you.