I've seen this guy Peter Hollens before.  He layers videos of him singing songs doing all different parts.  It's pretty great a cappella, but I had some thoughts when I first saw it that I want to share with you.

First, doesn't this guy sing with other people?  Maybe he's just too much of a perfectionist.  I mean, he is really good.  I wouldn't want someone else to muck it up for me.

Second, I get it.  It's a cool technology thing to do.  But what the heck do you do during a live performance?

What about it he just convinced us all that he was actually 1 of 6 sextuplets?  That would be a find!

All kidding aside, he really is talented, and these are some great videos.  Check out this one for the Christmas season.



Peter Hollens has a sense of humor as well.  He sent me this message on Facebook this afternoon:

peter hollens

I'm hoping we can get him on air for an interview soon!

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