Halloween is coming early this year. Overnight ghost hunts are back at Nopeming Sanatorium beginning in May!

Ghost Hunts USA will be hosting the overnight haunt for a variety of dates, beginning in early May through November.

It will cost you $169 bucks to take part in the hunt with a $30 dollar deposit at the time you get your ticket. (You can buy tickets here.)

The event starts at 10 p.m. and runs through 6 a.m. and includes a visit with a psychic medium, exclusive use of the team's equipment, private time to explore the Sanatorium without distraction, snacks and unlimited refreshments.

According to their website, Ghost Hunts USA is the only group allowed to be at the location so it's perfect if you're into the paranormal.

The event will happen come rain or shine so you don't have to worry about that putting a damper on the event.

Just last November, the Nopeming Sanatorium was vandalized. I'm glad something cool is going to happen there to make up for it!

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