Good news for owners of diesel trucks and the companies that use diesel trucks to transport their goods in the state of Wisconsin.  There is a one million dollar grant that is available for distribution to  help the trucking industry save money and fuel, and improve air quality. Can you take advantage of this opportunity?  Get your grant application and details here!  According to the Department of Administration (DOA), Secretary Mike Huebsch, the partnership with the trucking industry will save 1,000,000 gallons of diesel fuel this year alone.  That's huge!

The $1 million dollars is available to common, contract and private motor carriers to reduce diesel truck idling.  The deadline to apply for the grant funds is August 9, 2013.

Again, this is available to Wisconsin motor carriers who are eligible to apply for cost-sharing funds through the Diesel Truck Idling Reduction Grant Program. The program provides Wisconsin-based trucking companies up to 50% reimbursement for idling reduction equipment and installation on heavy-duty diesel truck-tractors. Idling reduction units provide an alternative source of power to heat, cool, or provide electricity to the cab and parts of the truck in lieu of operating the truck’s main drive engine. Sorry, grant funds are not available retroactively for any idle reduction units purchased before July 1, 2013.





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