A brand new year is here and boy, did 2022 go out with a bang here in Duluth! If you are a Twin Ports resident, you know exactly what I am talking about. It is hard to imagine a more intense few weeks than those of December.

In case you were lucky enough to not know what I am talking about, the Northland got hit with a mega winter storm in mid-December, which led to some spots getting hit with two feet of snow or more. Rice Lake got hit with more than thirty inches!

While it was a big storm, it was also an interesting one! At one point, I thought I heard thunder but told myself I was imagining it. It turns out I wasn't! In fact, it was something called thundersnow, which one local caught on camera as it happened in real time.

Once that winter storm moved out, we got hit with a blast of arctic air! The Northland saw a cold blast that lingered from late into the holiday weekend into the following week. Needless to say, we got a cold and wintry Christmas in the Twin Ports.

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This isn't too out of the ordinary for the Northland at this time of the year. So what does the new year hold for us - more of that wintry weather or a calmer start to the year? To find that answer, I turned to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

They make long-term weather predictions by region and some do not believe in their forecast. We already know we won't be seeing any heat waves given the fact that it is January but will it be colder or snowier than average?

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, we will see average precipitation, which means it shouldn't be snowier than usual! In terms of temperature, we will be a little bit cooler than average but only by a degree or two so you may not even notice.

As for what the rest of the month holds, the Old Farmer's Almanac is forecasting snow for most of the month, with the exception of a small window in the middle of the month where we will get a break and some sunshine.

In true January fashion, temperatures will vary from cold to frigid. That isn't too much of a shock at all! One thing is for sure, it probably won't be as dreary as December. The National Weather Service of Duluth shared that most of the month was gloomy and overcast.

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