It's a question you are probably dreading asking yourself - is March going to mark the start of spring in the Northland or will it kick the can of winter further down the road?

To find this answer, I went to the Old Farmer's Almanac, a publication who makes long-term weather predictions by region. According to their predictions for March, it looks like the start of the month will be mild. Here's a breakdown:

From March 1st through the 8th, we can expect periods of snow then sunshine and cold temperatures.

March 9th through the 12th will be mild with sunny conditions.

Beginning March 13th through the 15th, we can expect mild conditions to continue with some light snow showers.

March 16th through the 24th will bring about the biggest change: the return of major snow. It will happen near the beginning of the period and will be followed by lighter snow and very cold conditions.

Rounding out the end of the month, from the 25th through the 31st, we will see sunshine and cold conditions.

Yikes! It looks like we aren't totally out of the woods just yet with winter. I guess that answers the famous question - March is coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion. It also looks like Groundhog Phil wasn't quite right. Sigh.

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