It has definitely been a long and brutal winter and while we could have another good month (or more) of winter left here in the Twin Ports, eventually spring will roll in. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we will all be more than ready by that point.

I decided to look at the Old Farmer's Almanac as an act of desperation to see when winter will finally be over. I had spent yet another morning clearing off my car and driving on snow-covered roads and thought I would take any morsel of hope, even if you have to take the Old Farmer's Almanac with a grain of salt.

The good news it that according to their forecast, things will definitely be on the up and up next month! The beginning of the month will will be a bit rainy but overall, there are only a few days where snow is expected.

Most of the month looks sunny and warm - so warm that most of the precipitation will be rain rather than snow. From April 10th through the 13th, there will be some snow mixing in with rain but that's about it. There are no major snowstorms in the forecast.

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We must keep in mind that it can snow even in May so just because the Old Farmer's Almanac says things will clear up in April, there is still a possibility it will be short lived. This isn't out of the question considering we are having one of the snowiest winters ever. Sigh.

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While these records note the "least snowy winters", they actually include all seasonal snowfall from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

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