Last week the mosquitoes were so bad in our backyard that we were forced into the house.   We couldn't spend more than 30 seconds outdoors without at least 1 mosquito bite.  More than a few minutes outside, and we were doing a rendition of riverdance trying to swat the bugs.   I decided action needed to be taken, so I headed to the store and purchased OFF Backyard Control, not sure if it would help.  I figured at about $9 a bottle it was worth the risk.

I applied the backyard control earlier this week.  It attaches to a garden hose and claims to cover approximately 16,000 sq feet.

I followed the directions and even though it says it's "pre-treat" it does kill the bugs and keep the mosquitoes away.  It also claims to protect trees, flowers, and shrubbery.  We don't have a huge yard, so the application only took about 15 minutes.   I ended up using only a third of the bottle.  (You don't control how much comes out, it's designed to mix in with the water coming from your garden hose.)

Immediately I saw results.  Later that night, I couldn't find a single mosquito in our back yard.  That's pretty good considering you could see the swarms from inside the house.

Our grass, plants, and flowers don't seem to be just fine, and several days later the bugs still seem to be at bay.  I have seen a couple of mosquitoes since then, but it's still a drastic difference.

Time will tell how long this will last. [UPDATE AFTER 3 WEEKS HERE] The product claims to last 8 weeks in good conditions.  I'd be more than happy to apply it every week if need be, it's that much of a relief.

There are of course precautions to follow since it is a chemical.  You're supposed to keep kids and pets away until it completely dries, and it is supposed to be toxic to fish with water run off.  But I'd say for you're average backyard application, it's just fine.  Definitely worth the money.

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