After a massive winter storm that brought a ton of snow to the state, it looks like mother nature isn't quite done yet. Another light system is expected to move into the area Sunday night (February 26th) and rounding out the month.

We got by pretty unscathed in the Duluth area but other spots across Minnesota were hit pretty hard. The snow that fell in Duluth did, however, bring us over our normal snowfall totals for the season, meaning we did get enough from the storm to make it an above-average season.

Now, more snow is on the way to add to that total, with some light snow hitting our area beginning Sunday and lasting through most of the day Monday (February 27th). The National Weather Service of Duluth shared this fact online.

They shared some details on the storm on social media, writing that a "strong" and "wintry" storm will bring snow the area once again. It will bring more than just snow as well, with rain, snow and rain/snow mix all expected with this system.

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According to the NWS of Duluth, the snow will mainly fall on Monday throughout the afternoon and evening. Your morning commute should be okay but your evening commute will be a little bit tricky.

After this latest winter storm, this will be mild in comparison! However, it would have been nice to have a little more of a break between snowfall. I will always be this dramatic Minnesotan who is over shoveling snow, even with just a light dusting.

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