Everyone's favorite time of the year is here! Yup, winter is here and while we are all tough in the Twin Ports when it comes to winter weather, it's never fun when we get our first major cold snap. It looks like we have one on the way.

We have had some periods of cold in the Twin Ports. In Duluth, we actually broke a record of sorts in November when we saw eleven consecutive days below freezing. It could have been much worse but it was still a long stretch!

WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weatherz shared that fun fact. This cold snap was more of a "somewhat-cold" snap but it was paired by snow. In fact, we had measurable snow for six consecutive days around the same time period.

So while we haven't dodged winter completely, we haven't really had a brutally cold snap of weather like we always do. It looks like that might change, according to a weather outlook from the National Weather Service of Duluth.

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They shared an outlook for the first part of the month on social media and you may not like it! According to the outlook, we will see below normal temperatures, especially beginning on Monday (December 5th) and lasting through the work week.

So how cold is cold? The National Weather Service of Duluth says that temperatures around this time of the year are in the low to mid 20s with normal low temperatures in the single digits. That means we can expect some ice cold weather next week.

In true Twin Ports fashion, after the work week, it doesn't look like things will warm up by much. The National Weather Service says that while the coldest temperatures will last through the 8th of the month, we can expect "additional cold air outbreaks" to continue throughout the month. Sigh.

Things are going to get worse as we brace for a La Niña winter ahead. The National Weather Service shared an outlook for the 2022 - 2023 winter season and because it is another La Niña winter, we can expect colder temperatures than usual and more snow. Isn't winter in the Twin Ports fun? At least it is pretty. Ha!

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