The Northland breeds talent and that is super evident when it comes to country music! A native of the area is a featured songwriter on Carly Pearce's upcoming album.

The country star recently announced a new album of sorts, a seven-song collection of songs called 29. She said at the time of the announcement, in early February, that the songs follow her story over the past year, where she got divorced and lost her producer and close friend Busbee.

Helping her tell the stories is a Biwabik songwriter we talk about often around here! Emily Shackelton had a hand in writing two of the songs on the album. She was born and raised in Biwabik and now makes a living writing songs in Nashville.

The first song she is featured on was released early. The tune is called "Should've Known Better" and was written with Carly and another songwriter named Jordan Reynolds. The song is about going through life and reflecting on things you should have known all along.

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The other song was released prior to the album even being announced. It was written for country music producer Busbee, who sadly passed last year. It is called "Show Me Around" and is incredibly moving. That song was written along with Carly and another songwriter named Ben West.

We have often mentioned Emily in the past because her and Carly are longtime collaborators. In fact, they wrote her breakout hit "Every Little Thing" along with Busbee, which broke Carly into the country music world and made her a big star. She also wrote a few songs on Carly's debut and her sophomore album, too!

I love the fact that Emily is killing it in Nashville and I know with the release of Carly's new album, that is only going to continue. We can't wait to hear the whole thing.

"29" drops on Friday, February 19th. In the meantime, you can listen to all of the other hit country music tunes Emily has written. You already know the words to them!

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