Minnesota's got talent! A Minnesota songwriter is featured on Tim McGraw's latest album.

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An up-and-coming musician named Zack Dyer helped write a song that was cut for the country star's latest album Here On Earth. The song is called "If I Was A Cowboy" and it is definitely a standout on the album.

Tim released Here On Earth in August of 2020. However, I didn't recently come across this news until this past weekend! I was scrolling on social media when I saw a name of someone who I used to know through friends from high school. I remembered he was a singer and songwriter back in the day so I wanted to see what he was up to these days. It turns out he packed up and moved to Nashville and is making a name for himself in the country music world!

While I was scrolling through his photos, I noticed he had one of him holding up the latest album from Tim McGraw and that is when I realized this Minnesota connection! He even came home to the Twin Cities to purchase the cd with his song on it, which he calls a lifelong dream. Check it out:

Wow! That is truly awesome. I can't wait to see what else he accomplishes in Nashville while representing us here in Minnesota!

We have no shortage of talent here in Minnesota, especially when it comes to country music. In fact, a songwriter from Duluth is responsible for some of the biggest songs in country music over the past few years. We will take it!

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