I honestly don't know how anyone can steal a bunch of quarters, isn't that heavy?  Not to mention the fact that now they are faced with spending them in machines or risk getting caught trying to cash them in.  If you know or learn of information to this burglary, it could mean a reward, here's the skinny.

The burglary happened in Grand Marais at the North Shore Laundromat. on January 26 or early January 27.  According to the WDIO.com, the cash that was taken was in the form of coins, lots of coins.  That prompted the Cook County Sheriff's Office to ask in a press release for a call if someone tries to cash a large amount of change.

Here's the unusual thing, the sheriff's office says their investigation did not indicate forced-entry to the business' door or the safe that contained the money.  Hmmmm!

The owners of the North Shore Laundromat want to get to the bottom of this and are now offering a $1,000 reward for an arrest and conviction of the person or persons that are responsible.  If you have information that can help you are urged to call the sheriff's office at 218-387-3030.

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