How is this not front page news everywhere? There are now new photos that have been released showing some unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAPs formerly called UFOs) from an incident on the east coast in 2019. According to the, the photos were snapped by U.S. Navy pilots in their cockpit.

The encounter happened on March 4th, 2019. An F-18 weapon systems officer took a photo with is iPhone in the back seat of an F-18 of three different objects he saw in the sky. The first one was taken at 2:44pm and is described as a sphere. That was posted months ago.

Other photos have now been made public. One is called the Acorn, and another is called the metallic blimp that looks like it's got stubby wings or something. Different groups have tried to explain what these objects are. Some think it may be Chinese drones or other foreign technology. However, from witness reports these don't move or act like drones that the military knows about. They also don't move like weather balloons.

What other news will be seeing soon? In a coronavirus relief bill last summer, congress now has directed the pentagon to make public their findings from their UAP Task force. That's supposed to come out June 1st, but Senator Marco Rubio has said it may be delayed. Are we ready for the information from this to be public? We went from 70 years of the government denying UFOs to now having them basically say, "yeah these are real." But, with how bizarre the rest of the world is in this trying year, it's gone under the radar so to speak.

Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the sky, things are getting interesting.

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