New Glarus enters their latest beer into the Octoberfest arena, and it's a formidable opponent.  Just last week I told you about 'Sierra Nevada's Oktoberfest' debut, and how great it was.  How does the small Wisconsin brewery compare?

Pretty darn good.  In fact, this Octoberfest beer tastes like a New Glarus beer with the smooth delivery and crisp finish.  It does add the seasonal flavor that you would expect with Oktoberfest, but surpasses many other choices with the very crisp finish.  It's not sweet, at all.  It doesn't have a grainy taste, but yet delivers a full body amber taste.

To recap, it's smooth, crisp, and just the right amount of bitterness.  If you have drank other New Glarus beer (like my favorite Spotted Cow), you know what they taste like.  You would hope that it would be from the same stock of great brews from this company, and it certainly is.

Two thumbs (or empty glasses) up.

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