This weekend I grabbed a six pack of Miller Fortune while at the liquor store.  I normally wouldn't have, but I figured it would be a good chance to do a review of something I love:  Beer.  Also, to be fair, I had already reviewed Budweiser's Black Crown and the Fortune is Miller's answer.

This is a good beer.  It's strong but has a crisp finish.  The taste doesn't linger in your mouth too long like you get sometimes with stronger beers.  According to my previous blog about Black Crown, that had a sweeter after taste that lingers on.

The Miller Fortune is smooth, giving a nice blend of a full body beer that most people can drink.  It's not a stout, or extremely hoppy beer.  It's a nice middle of the road blend for a heavier than average beer.  My wife loved it, and a friend who likes darker beers also liked it.

Plus, the beer was 6.99 for a 6 pack.  I think that's a good value for this beer.

I'll give it a 8/10.  Worth a try.